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SATURDAY 5/27/2023
this film was supposed to be a film about you
Juan Barquin

a personal film about the failed making of a film

Emma Murray

Pauline, a recent college graduate, navigates the complexities of being a sugar baby in NYC.

Junior & The Kid
Dani Wasserman

An abstract narrative which recounts the tale of a summer fling between an old west cowboy and baseball superstar Ken Griffey Jr.

I Care About Your Mailbox
Andres Gimenez

Everybody cares about something, I care about your mailbox. I Care About Your Mailbox follows Frey; a young man who's love for mailboxes lands him in the heart of suburban Miami, FL. He'll encounter many outlandish characters & just as many eclectic mailboxes

Ghost of you
Chloe Xtina

At the apex of a heatwave and California’s fire season, 16-year-old Mae and her sisters become prey to a hidden camera at their hometown creek. As the fires intensify, the suffocating male gaze blurs with Mae’s desire to be watched -- resulting in a conjured sheet ghost.

Sydney Task

A 2D animation inspired by my tendency towards obsession, my knack for imbalance, and my overwhelming, but warranted fear of societal collapse.

Melanie Wu
Loveboat Takeout

An experimental docu-fiction short about the director's family business endeavor of operating a Chinese restaurant in Miami, FL.

A Love Supreme
Noah Namgoong

A Korean punk named Eugene tries to quiet the love from the window across. A love supreme...

Serena Hughes

A film about stopping death and the importance of never forgetting anything anyone has ever said to you. each word is a little blessing that takes you one step closer to heaven.

Jonathan Seungjoon Lee

Made after the passing of the filmmaker’s grandfather, Jesa deals with the inherited effects of intergenerational trauma on intimacy and family.