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SUNDAY 5/28/2023

Love, Violet
Violet Cowdin

Webcam diaries from the saddest and/or most romantic girl in the world.

The Star Tree of Arm Jouth
Jack Wedge

Arm Jouth a small town located on the southern peninsula of Yowuiyogia. This town is famous for its complex memory sculptures, rituals of memory and forgetting, as well for its language which avoids all usages of proper nouns.

And G-d Called Out to the Deli
Izze Aronson

After a shaking encounter with her ex-girlfriend, Rox embarks on hallucinogenic trip to Shul with her grandparents.

Erin May

Through the unlikely intersection of seed dispersal & mass hysteria surrounding alduterated Halloween treats in the 1980s, Erin May uses experimental documentary practices to investigate how paranoia distorted her innermost thoughts during the late stages of girlhood.

Emma Mora

Women. Cars. Guns. Fame. One Jest, one fate.

HAIKU: The Story of a Wilting Trillium Joseann Tejeda

Ultra Red, a tokusatsu-ranger, still struggles with the loss of his mentor. After a night out with a local kid, Red is reminded of the legacy he swore to honor.

Dante Capone


Finding Lana
Daniela Rodriguez

A personal documentary following the search for Lana Del Rey as an attempt to interview her for Superstars Only magazine.

Charles de Agustin

A supernatural road trip in the Scottish village of Foyers, the American hamlet of Grovers Mill, and reading breaks in an Amsterdam film library. Difficulties between loving your work, working at loving, and making a living. Language piles up, crashes down, and maybe becomes something else.

second born son: a transexual documentary
Merit Thursday

this "documentary" chronicles the process of undergoing gender affirming surgery, and then receiving your removed body tissue afterwards so that you might transform it into something else.

Girlgang AU
Carla Jimenez

In this alternate femme universe hosted by the glamazonian witch Peachess, Jackie gets a little help dumping the chump and making her own damn movie.

Fucking Married (Official Music Video)
Will Jewkes & Harriette

In the music video for Harriette’s single “Fucking Married,” Harriette’s funeral-home worker cartoon counterpart crashes a wedding only to find that everyone at the wedding is a different version of herself.